• Cracking time of it on Saturday I have to say. As ever the music was brilliant, everyone looked the biz, and the company was top class. Its just a pity that they kept on running out of every drink that I was on ha ha.

  • On behalf of Friday Street I'd just like to say a massive thanks to everyone who came down to Ayr at the weekend, the support is very much appreciated, cheers!!!!


    Not long to the Glasgow Weekender :)

    • Dont mention it Mikey. Hope ye didne spill any curry doon yer t shirt. I`m away to rehab.

  • Yep, staying in Glasgow on the Friday night for the Stone Foundation gig - then on to Ayr for two fantastic days/nights of top sounds and great company.

    Planning on scooting from Edinburgh if i can get the suits down in a friends car.

    • Cool, see you down there!

      VP x

    • All we need now is some good weather!!


      Brilliant weekend ahead folks :)

    • Its looking okay at the moment Mikey. Maybe not gonna be as much of a scorcher as last year, but it looks as if it may be dry and thats fine for most, especially those going down on the scooters.

    • Waterproofs looked out just in case Chris.

      Reckon we'll get a great turnout of scooters heading down again this year.

    • I think you are right Mikey and that there will be a fair crowd putt putting their way down to the coast on Saturday morning. I will be taking the train even if I do manage to avoid going into work on the Sunday and can stay over. The idea of riding back to Glasgow hungover on the Sunday morning is not that appealing ha ha.

    • Even worse taking the scoot back up the road on the Monday morning Chris, trust me!

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