Back On the Road Again

After a long, snowy winter, I have been replacing a defective drive-side oil seal on my LI150, and wonder what projects other members are tackling before taking their trusty scoots out on the highyways and byways this spring.

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  • Exercising is good.....accessorizing is better!3298035671?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    • Sure is! Love the badges! I'm sure it gets people talking over there in the US!

  • I have a Vespa 50 special built 1971. I love it, it is my "queen" and it is ready to ride but needs urgent an anti rost handling - it needs a complete restoration. I'm not stupid in such kind of work but I checked repair instructions and different handbooks and I have respect. So I don't have any space to do it, I don't have someone who really knows how to do it. So ithink about to give my queen to garage to do everything. But I get abdominal pain to think of the money....but it is my first scooter and scooter like mine but restored costs about EUR 2.500,00 up. So why don't spend the money for the queen?!

  • So, finally my one and only Vespa is back on the road too. Took me long enough...;)
    Only one to go then.


    • Haha! About as far from original as it can get. ;) I was refering to the engine - that is completely original, even the exhaust.
    • Very, very nice Ronnie - you certainly have some stylish scooters

    • Thank you Graham! This one is actually the first scooter I got - and one I will likely keep forever. It is all original, so pretty slow but a nice ride. I do have a P200-engine under rebuild in the garage though and am toying with the idea of putting in this one.

  • 3298047440?profile=original

    • Look at those 70's flared jeans in the background! Keep the faith, brother/sister whoever you are!

    • LOL Rare woman at a Scooter Rally...Superbad Flares!

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