• hello ped so ive to be on my best or angie is leaving me lol.BACK TO the born agains and there we trip to balloch remember to take your packed lunches,spare cables,spark pulg, spark plug key ,spare wheel,waterproofs,aa/rac card,shifting spanner in case any yer mirrors fall off,spare bulbs,oil and any vinyl you want played,if you go by train remember the trains have changed colour from BR days hope this is of help for the weekend.
    • Andy yir aff yir nut you going i think it will.Way pops if a get some one to drive so a can get mashed out my nut and see
      some auld faces lol.You should tell Angie to come way you and its her time to behave herself after bullying me and pops awe night at Aberfoyle lol
    • Ped, would be great to see you at the events and I know you'll love the Saturday night thing, the dj's are all set to lay all our old stuff so it will be a good one. You'll see loads of people you knew back in the day. Every time we all get together there's more old faces turning up
    • Will do my best April got 18th birthday party Friday night then hopefully get my mate to run me doon to Balloch then back up the road and go to the dance way pops first i will need to argue way my good lady because ive been away too many weekends this year lol :)
    • I agree with April ped would be brill to see you at the Saturday night . Hope you Go .
    • hopefully will be there Bobby the misses knows the score when it comes to scootering events orr a will just nip out for a pint of milk and know come back lol
    • i agree n u owe me a drink so get ur butt down there x
    • hey fairs fair we,ll go dutch xxx lookin forward to seein u there
    • Must admit i thought id have seen more glasgow mods/ scooterist at Aberfoyle....after all it was only bout 15 outside glasgow.You could have walked it or came in the car wae the weans.

      These events are really a family affair, there were even kids at the dances x
    • Maybe thats why not as many turned up Lainy, all those pain in the arse kids everywhere ha ha.
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