Baracuta G9

Was wondering what peoples opniions are on the quality of these jackets, especially for nearly £300. My girlfriend just got me a burgundy one for my birthday, thankfully for the sale price off Atom Retro, and I was surprised to how thin it is and also the material, I had to be sure with her that it didn't look or feel too much like a tracksuit jacket. I was happy with my Merc ones for the first month until they started to fade and/or bobble, so would like to only get Baracuta when I can afford it from now on, does anyone else only rely on Baracuta for their Harringtons?

(Sorry if this kinda thread has been done to death, did try to have a search but struggled to find what I was after)

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  • Cheers for your options everyone. So far I'm happy with mine but still not sure if i'd ever pay full price for it.I've had a JTG one as well before and found it too big,on the arms and in length, even in their smallest size. I'm a really small skinny build. That's another thing I like about the Barracuda ones, it's not often big expensive bands do such small sizes and whilst also quite slim fitting.

  • Baracuta has always been the casual jacket of choice. Compared to others such as Merc, Ben Sherman, Ted Baker, Fred Perry, Ace and Schott amongst others, they have always been head and shoulders above everything else imo. Just for utility purpose alone it's the only Harrington with the teflon coating which gives it that shower proof protection. Name one other Harrington at a cheaper price that has that quality about it. Yes, it is steep in price these days but isn't everything? I've never paid full wack and I'm sure like many other items of quality if you wait for the sales or end of line you can always pick up a bargain. Of all my casual jackets for spring, summer and autumn it's always the Baracuta that's the go to casual jacket for me and I've worn them for well over 30 years!     

  • I entirely agree Ronnie - I have a Baracuta from England which is not appreciably better quality than a generic G9 that I bought locally for a fraction of the cost.

    Ironically, as teenagers we wore Harringtons as the ultimate all-round casual jacket, and never gave a second though to getting them wet, ripped or dirty. Nowadays, I'd be scared to wear a 300-quid Baracuta on a rainy day!

    • I second that, about the all -round casual jacket, as far as the 80s are concerned!
  • I have one Baracuta and owned another one previously that just recently fell to bits and pieces. Bought them both off eBay for about 80 quid. They are nice jackets, look good (way better than most "copies" in my opinion), and are very comfortable but that in no way justifies what they cost from official retailers. They don't last much better than the other Harringtons, fade easily and my red one seems to attract dirt like no other jacket I´ve ever owned which is a hassle since they´re supposed to be drycleaned (I thrown mine in the washer anyway though).

    All in all - great looking jackets but there's no way I would ever pay full price for one!

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    • A mate of mine got a couple a few years ago in the sale when they were ceasing production in England and going abroad, they have faded and l can't see them being made any better abroad as this was s way of making them cheaply and it's just a brand name now. A shop called Greenbergs in Liverpool had a load a few years ago and l think they were about £60 but that cheeky bastard from the ivy shop John Simmons heard about it and came down from London and bought the entire stock and sold them for a massive profit. I hate selfish people like him he's not an entrepreneur, he's an arsehole.
  • Have a look at Jump the gun mate. Made in UK and good quality. Only £50. I couldn't ever justify £300 or even half that on a simple Harrington....
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