Barcelona mod scene?

Hello everyone!

I'm an American Mod at the Universitat de Barcelona for a semester, studying literature. I've also been studying the record stores near campus, and from what I've found there, Barcelona seems to have had a Mod scene in the very recent past (oh, my poor wallet, I shouldn't be spending this much on records!). Does that scene still exist? Are there any good Mod club nights I should know about? Even another Mod friend or two I can meet for coffee or something? In a city that prides itself on being "modernista" (and yes, I realize it means something different here), I'm feeling kind of alone!

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  • I've got a mate from Brazil who is a Mod and lives in Barcelona. I visited him year when I went to watch a football match and he showed me a mod shop down the bottom of la ramblas on the left side (as you face the Columbus column). There are a load of little boutiques down there and its among that lot. My advice (if you don't know Gabs and trust me, he seems to bleeding know everyone) is to find this shop and they would have flyers on whats going on. Good luck, I love Barcelona.

  • Try the Boiler club The next one's this Saturday!

  • There is a Spanish Fashion chain called El Ganso which is very mod orientated. As you walk up The Ramblas from the sea it is on one of the little roads to the right near the top of The Ramblas

  • I cannot say that I recall the exact names, but I am sure there is at least one (possibly two) clubs that run in Barca. I am also sure they have a successful weekender too so there must be a decent amount of Mods around the city. It a city and region I like a lot.

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