Bath Mods?

Hi everyone,


I'm Kern (yes I have a funny name) I'm currently a 20 year old student at the Bath school of art and design and was wondering if there are any mods in the city? Been living in Bath for just under a year and only met one other mod. Are there anymore out there?





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  • Hi Kern, I used to be a southend "mod" and MIck Bray and lots of other "faces" used to be regulars at "The Shades" and most of the other local places etc.. One of the things that kept us in fashion is that so many of us used to work in London, and used railway season tickets, which meant that we could come home from work in London, get changed, and be back up in the West End in about 2/3 hours..And the styles used to change week by week..! On our scooters, No helmets, just silly hats, parkas, black pvc coats etc etc..The music at that time was fantastic, because in Southend, all the groups would play gigs in London, and after they had finished, jump into their old ford transit, and shoot down the A127 to Southend and do another gig at 12 /1am ...I hope this gives you an insight into what it was like..?

    Best regards

    Larry Palmer

  • I went in there for a cheeky pint a while back, and sadly your right Stephen, nothing much was happening there. The barman I spoke to said the current owner was changing the image of the place to more of a rugby supporters look, apparently a Lambretta use to have pride of place inside.

    Cheers for the responses, and cool picture with Calum, Stephen. 

    • You may want to venture into Bristol, quite a few mod friendly gigs etc. This is one I'll be attending next month:



    Not sure if this is still oepn?

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