• I picked up a vintage one on ebay last week. Great high collar on it. shall be wearing it on holiday this week in minorca lol.


  • Although Ben Sherman uses the tag "Original" their button down styles are far from it.

    Ben Sherman copied the American Ivy League shirts which were sought after by Mods in the 60's. I much prefer the American ones and have a few still in their packets although sadly not my size.

    With Ben Shreman you do know what you're getting style wise. These days I think they're an overpriced marketing exercise and no better in quality than other less expensive brands.Good value if you can find them in TK Max but not the £40+ elsewhere.

    Earlier in the week in picked up a Ben Sherman with a twisted label although too small for me. I plan to have a stall at the Brighton weekender in August with lots of new and quality Ivy League, Mod, Smedley etc from the 60's. See also the MG classified section.

    • Just want to say thanks to Mike and give a heads up to others to check out his DETROIT LOCKER Facebook page. He is a fantastic bloke to deal with a real gent and of course an 'Original'. My views on the brand BEN SHERMAN are much like most of you it seems. As a kid first into it in 1978/79 I was always scrabbling about to find them and mostly had to make do with hand me downs from older blokes in the family or mates who had dad's who didn't want them. When the 'Revival' thing kicked off big BEN SHERMAN re-launched and I remember photos in the music papers of 'Moddy' lads and 'Dolly-Birds' all dressed up in black and white panelled shirts and stuff. Even then I sort of groaned and wished they'd have stayed closer to what they had been doing 15 years earlier. However as an older bloke now with a few bob in my pocket, the internet and some mobility I am lucky to have grabbed quite a few vintage shirts over the years and these really are lovely. Despite, as Mike points out, their being styled from US shirts are still regarded by many as the real deal and I love them. I still grab the odd newer version too but by and large most are not my cup of tea.

    • I like that one. Can you message me with details if you are looking to sell it please Thanks. 

    • Hi Martin I've sent a message to "befriend" you so we can communicate direct.Mike

    • Thanks mate. Just messaged you. Cheers!

  • I used to avoid Ben Sherman like the plague because everything they made had their name written on and it made it feel like I was wearing a name tag but since they've started using the shield I have brought a few things, their shop in Birmingham always seems to have good reductions so I always make sure I pay it a visit,I do still avoid any of the t-shirts they make though most of the designs are pretty poor.

  • I've had a few decent one's in T.K. Max for £15 each.

    The ones in John Lewis are f*$king awful.

    • But why do they have to have 'Ben Sherman' written accross the chest these days? Horrible.
  • I know exactly what you mean. the long ,shor,t sleeved shirts xl for me are a great fit.If they left out the labels ect would be a massive improvement. I have recently bought a coulple off ebay and must admit am likeing them .The signature gingham ones i really like.

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