• Pair of Levi jeans today at the local charity shop for £2.50 bargain.

  • I've just bought a very fitted suit jacket and waistcoat  by Lord John of Carnaby Street from a charity shop , shame there were no trousers, but at 8 quid worth a punt

    • Got a Levi Cord Jacket mustard colour never seen one that colour b4 Black Tag for Tenner charity shop find, result!

  • Paul Smith shower/golf jacket (£12).  Classic design very 1950s/1960s look.  From a small vintage shop near me in Sheffield.  I have bought a few bits, mainly paisley scarves (£5).  They only open on a Saturday for a few hours.  Women who owns it must be 75 plus and dresses immaculately in 1940s clothes, complete with hair do.  They always have Tootal dressing gowns for about £15; I am yet to buy.  I don't know what the wife would say to me; poncing around the house in silk paisley!!!


    • A Sammy Scarf from a vintage clothing fair, £3!

    • Very nice indeed.

  • For me it has to be one I bought many moons ago when I managed to pick up an original 60s waffle knit Fred Perry polo from a local charity for a couple of quid.

  • Very nice find! I don't think its my best bargin but its my most recent one. I got a button down (three fingers), checkered shirt the colours are autumny colours like brown and reds and that, and its made of 75% silk and 25% cotton and I got it for......£1.75! from a charity shop, I was well chuffed! :)

    • Sounds great, have you any pics?

    • Here it is Bobby, its not a shiny silk shirt if thats what you were thinking of haha

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