• My Faves are Steve Marriott and Julie Driscoll


    • Tin Soldier is one of the best Songs that shows off Steve Marriott vocals for me 

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    • Yet another superb classic ;0)

    • Plus Miss Arnold as an extra!

    • This Soul Smasher does better Justice to Julie The Face..Turn Up Loud n Save Me!!! 

    • 'Save Me' is an excellent and very popular track. A favourite of mine too, which I have on 45 vinyl, Parts 1&2. 'Don't Do It No More' is the rarer track not heard as often but gives you something a little different.   

  • I always thought it would be difficult to beat female singers such as Dusty Springfield, early Mary Wells, or Martha Reeves. Tonight whilst looking at some club R&amp;amp;B stuff online I can across a great track called 'I'm on my Way' by Barbara Dane. Straight off I assumed she was one of these amazing black gospel singers from the 50s or 60s but it turns out she was (is) a white folk, blues, jazz singer. Her voice is quite amazing and she also did some stuff with the Chambers Brothers in the mid 60s. If like me you like your protest music you will (imho) find it hard to beat their track 'It Isn't Nice.' A great song with fantastic musicianship and singing. A bit of a rant there but i cannot believe I had not heard such an amazing singer before now.
    • I'm on my way (and I won't turn back)" is a traditional Gospel described as a typical "going-to-Canaan" song; and possibly an Underground (Freedom) Railroad song.

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