• Dusty yes for lady, not sure about male have to think that one

  • While there are many,I will say for my money..Nat King Cole-Aretha.


    jackie wilson 

  • Hi guys, newbie here just  saying "hello, and its good to on board" - Billie Holiday,the greatest female Jazz singer Of all time .and 'Ol blue eyes Sinatra vocaly was on another planet .

    • Hey! I just joined the website too! As far as jazz singing goes, I agree that Sinatra is almost undeniably the best. The only time I heard someone sing better than Sinatra was when Bobby Darin covered Mack the Knife. I also love Sinatra's hats. I am going to have to get a hat for myself soon.

    • Welcome Hapiness, you are what we have all been looking and waiting for. mate.

      Re Bobby Darin, he could sing well enough but copying a Picasso doesn't make you  a great painter. I liked his stuff well enough when he started out, but always thought of him as a Sinatra tribute act.

    • I make you right about Billie being the greatest jazz singer ever. I think Sarah had the best voice ever to sing jazz. She certainly had the best voice I ever heard live. I heard Ella three or four times live, she was great, but Sarah had the voice.                                                    When Monk practiced he had a big photo of Billie over his piano.                                              Frank was the reason I became a Modernist. It started with the Italian style clothes and was a natural transition. Sinatra put his style down to singing with jazz bands. Most modern jazz standards were mainly from musicals by Gershwin, Rodgers and Hart, Porter,Berlin etc. He is the best male singer/crooner ever.

      All a matter of opinion of course.

    • I love to read your posts are indeed an Original Modernist with a profound first hand insight into the early days of the movement. i came into it all somewhat later, so my money is on Dionne Warwick; has anyone else come up with her yet?

      (PS I did see Ella at Ronnie Scotts in about 1980, but I can't say I was musically equipped enough to really appreciate the experience. Now I take every chance I get to listen to live jazz at a very good local venue here in the US; most of the audience range between 60 and 80 years of age - lol!

    • Thankyou Graham, that is very kind of you.

      I must say, that I do not think of D.W. as a jazz singer. That doesn't mean she isn't, it is all a matter of perception.

      Well some of that audience may have been Mods if they were British, especially those whipper snappers in their sixties.

      As for Billie, she still gets to me and it still surprises me.. In an interview, Tony Bennett said that Sinatra had told him, " she was the best of us". He said it was because she was the first to understand that presenting the song was about intimacy.

      My favourite Billie album is Lady in Autumn. There is some sublime instrumentals from some great artists. I particularly like Autumn in New York and What's New.                     She had a limited vocal range of about an octive and half. She just about scrapes though Tenderly, because she barely manages to make the notes in the lower register. It took me years to really "hear" Billie. It is well worth the effort. Give it a try, I would really like to know what you make of it G

    • Thankyou for the very informative response John - I'll give Billie a listen when I can and get back to you. Being a "whipper snapper in my sixties" myself, I may not have the musical maturity to appreciate it though - lol!

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