Best of 2012 - POLL RESULTS!


Thanks to all who took part in our BEST OF 2012 poll to register their mod favourites of the past year.


The full results are HERE and the Winners were...


Best Event: Brighton Modernist and 60's Weekend


Best Club: Friday Street


Best Club Song: Spencer Davis Group - I'm a man


Best New Release: Paul Weller - Sonic Kicks


Best Compilation: Rare Mod Vol 4


Best Mod/Fan Zine: Sussed


Best New Band: The Strypes


Best Live Act: Heavy Mod


Best Contemporary Band: The Universal


Most Stylish Personality: Bradley Wiggins




You can see the results of previous years below:


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  • Thanks to all who voted for Sussed magazine. We have some smashing articles in the pipeline. Next issue is out in the next two weeks. once again thanks

    Joe and Ray

  • This reply was deleted.
    • 2 Men from Linz is also a lot of fun - I'm heading back this year

    • Really?, then we will meet :-)

    • LOL

  • Brighton Modernist and 60's Weekend. ---------------


    Quelle surprise-----




    • I suppose Brighton is always going to be favourite to top that section as Mods from all over the country (and beyond) descend there every August. The Mod weekender up here run by the FS crew is probably every bit as good as a weekender but Brighton will always have the added attraction of being on the coast and having that connection that goes back to the early 1960s.
    • That's right Chris.

      Everybodys looking and searching there for the old times.

    • Its a bit corny to some degree Hennich, but the young Mod that still lurks within many of us makes Brighton a must. Thankfully, unlike the 60s and late 70s/early 80s we are all just going down for a great weekend and not a barny with bikers or skins.
    • I would agree that Glasgow Mods Weekender is every bit as good (and possibly better) than Brighton weekend. 

      As well as the actual events I think both have individual attractions - for Brighton it's the location that it makes it so special and for Glasgow it's the people.

    • And that's the only reason, Chris

      To have a good time with nice people of every age, with lot's of music, dancing, a little bit drinking :-), scooter, aso.

      That will just go on forever, i hope

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