Big Brother Mods Wanted

Does anybody actually watch Big Brother anymore? If you do, and your so enclined, you can respond to this request to 'have Mod culture represented in the house':

Hi there,

Big Brother…is BACK FOR 2012!

I am contacting you from Endemoluk, we are currently in the process of casting Big Brother 2012 and I wanted to get in contact with you. Big Brother returns to our screens on Channel 5 in summer 2012 and we’re looking for vibrant and interesting characters to enter the house.

Big Brother is widening the search and, as ever, is keen to represent all aspects of society. I wanted to pass on my contact details for any of your members that might be interested in applying? It would be great to have Mod culture represented in the house.

If you are interested and would like more information you can contact us directly by emailing: We will try and reply to you but cannot guarantee that we will be able to reply to every message received.

Big Brother Team
**We may use any information provided by you for the purpose of selecting potential Housemates. We will keep your data securely and we will only share information with third parties when necessary for the purposes of this programme**

Frazer Yorke
Assistant Producer
Big Brother 2012 Auditions


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  • Aargh!  I probably haven't read the book since I was at school (which was quite some time ago I'm afraid) but I remember the rats and room 101.  Genuinely dark and scary.  Did you ever see the original TV programme (it was in black and white)?  I think it was Peter Cushing.  Again very creepy.  I've got a feeling it was done in the 1950's, not that I would have seen it then as that would make me about 100!

  • Well done.  I'm not sure which is most scary, the original or the TV programme!

  • BB first started in Holland I think.  They showed some of it here and it was a serious programme looking at how strangers interacted.  It was not what it has now become which is a perceived short cut to becoming a celebrity.  You don't have to watch very episode to know it is the lowest of low level TV.

    Why do I want to watch people sleeping or cooking or making complete idiots of themselves.

    Anyone who even considers going on such a programme has lost my respect (although if you are that person I doubt whether you would worry too much about that!).

    I suspect most avid watchers don't even know why it is called BB.

    • it makes sense that it started in holland they are so nosy over here my neighbours sit outside all day watching people go by now its started snowing theyve just moved into the garage  

    • They're not usually shy when it comes to a bit of the other either, it must be interesting viewing casting the odd glance into a Dutch living-room!

    • no their usually watching television or watching you walk past  curtains get in the way when your trying to make coffee and spy on the neighbours at the same time

    • Hahaha lol! I like people watching but that takes the piss!

  • Ive wotched bits of to agree its TRASH TV....Recommend you wotch it if u need to get to sleep.  

  • has this not already been done wasnt tony class on coach trip well it looked like him i only carried on watching to try and find outhis mate was wearing a stomp t shirt which drew my attention  

    • Is Frankie Cokenoza still on it??? ....Think its ended? didnt that X Drunk of Corrie/ Loose Woman win it??? Saw it on a Redtop Rag at a garage I think on Saturday?

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