• I don't mind the polka dot, it's the cut of this jacket I find hard to like.

    • Bobby

      I personaly like the cut of the lower quarters, it may not be 'Mod' but this style is current, even Paul Smith is using this cut as is Ralph Lauren, I would suggest changing the buttons to give it a bit of personal style.


      But its not everyones choice and that also makes me like it,

    • Do you know Derek, I think you helped scratched the itch I was getting from this blazer. It's not the cut I dislike about it, the more I look at it the more it appeals TBH. I'm not even really bothered by the number of buttons either. I think it's where the buttons are positioned and the way they are spaced out that makes me wince a little.

  • I like it, not with the trousers but Blazers are so versatile, I really like the preppy look and you could use that blazer with either a nice fred perry or oxford button down, add grey flannels and loafers and you have propper Ivy look.



    • Not the polka dot for me, just the cut (lapel too low, I like to be just able to see the top two buttons of my shirt and no more) and the number of buttons (Just couldn't bring myself to wear less than three!) Think the polka dot is a daring choice and one which would be classy on a more flattering jacket!

  • It's a no from me Joe, even with the matching trousers, it'd still be wrong. It doesn't matter if it has two, three or four buttons, a polka dot blazer/suit just doesn't look right.


    If you want something to stand out from the crowd, you'd be better off with something like a boating blazer, Madras jacket, POW check or puppytooth paired with black trousers. However, if you want to play it safe with classic colours, then black and navy are always great to have as staple items. I have several boaters (only 4! LOL!), a Madras jacket and black blazers in my wardrobe, and depending on what you choose to pair it with - matching trouser, plain trouser as mentioned above or jeans for a more 'relaxed' feel - it always looks amazing.

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