Bloody Brown!

I bought a really nice Gibson 3/4 length jacket a couple of years ago, more like an overcoat really, you know the sort. My problem is I've only worn it once 'cause I'm not sure what to wear with it. I can't really wear cream or off white cause my girlfriend says it makes me look ill :P 

I want to get more use out of it cause it's such a nice jacket and it's going to waste in my wardrobe (it's not alone in that of course!). What can I do?

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  • since brown is a bit of a 70`s colour why not take inspiration from that decade and go with orange, maybe lime. sherrys do an orange polka dot. warrior do a couple of checks that might go
    • Orange is a good one Michael, Baracuta do a couple of nice orange shirts and I'm a fan of the polka dot as well. Probably not everyones first choice for a shirt colour but I think it's a nice warm colour and at least it'll stand out! Thanks.
    • Had a chocolate brown suit made a couple of years ago (nicer than it sounds) and find a sky blue or pink shirt always sits nicely with it. Would avoid black and brown myself, but that's just personal taste I guess. Like the idea of the orange Michael.
  • Make sure you have a couple of biro pockets in it mate and then wear coloured biros in them, amazing one colour for every coloured shirt. What the F.... k are you on about mate, feminine side coming out methinks hahahahahaha!!!!
    • What are you doing on here Nige? Just cause you were a sharpie back in the day hahaha!! You'll enjoy the music on here mate, check it out.  :o)
  • get yourself a new girlfriend and wear any colour of clothes you want lol
    • I couldn't possibly comment on that Jim hahaha
    • one thats colour blind
  • Any pics?

    Maybe a darker color trouser? Dark grey / Black?

    • Not sure they still do them Steve, can't seem to find it online. I think it cost me about £170 at the time, it's got lovely gold coloured lining, ticket pocket etc so I don't want to get rid of it really, I just need to find a way to make it feasible ;o) I know if I sold it on I'd find something to wear it with a few weeks later.
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