Blue Eyed Soul: New Street Adventure

New Street Adventure like to call their sound Blue Eyed Soul. They say it illustrates that their music comes from a real passion and understanding of classic soul structure and melody matched with a fresh and young approach that makes this great genre accessible to a whole new audience. The term also evokes venerability; which New Street Adventure's songs are generally about and also the state of the Northern Soul Scene, which the band want to be part of saving and promoting.

April sees the release of New Street’s debut EP, ‘Just The Kind Of People’. The E.P was produced by the Godfather of British Soul, Noel McKoy, who has this to say about the band:

"As soon as I heard New Street Adventures songs I knew we could create something special; a new chapter in soul. The sensational New Street Adventure are Just The Kind Of People to make this thing last"  Listen to Just The Kind of People

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    Just ordered this, really like the way they sound.

    Good luck to them.

  • I would even go as far as to say.

    The Style Council esp their first 2 albums were More Mod

    than The Jam ever were.

    contraversial I know. let the slagging begin


    i would like a copy of this in  vinyl i thought it sounded a bit like the question ?

    • Great band from what I've heard.

      Good luck to them and keep the faith.




    • Great band. I'd like to see more new bands taking on a Soul influence. I'll have to get a copy of that vinyl.

    • New Street Adventure are one of the best new bands around, I/we have been posting their stuff on our Facebook page for some time now.


      I am chuffed that they are reaching a wider audience and I wish them the best of luck.

    • I saw them at The 100 club a couple of weeks ago, very very good.

  • We don't unfortunately but we're trying to raise enough cash to be able to get 500 printed as limited edition. Noel Mckoy and myself are setting up a label to put it out on.
  • I am completely addicted by NSA.

    Found them yesterday by chance here (which I found by chance as well) and now I am listening for the Nth time to their songs.

    Early Style Council paragons are quite accurate, although NSA have of course more normal egos than the two TSC at the times, so the songs are crafted keeping the overall sound into account, and not the egos...

    In a few words... they're the best young band I heard in ages

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