• No mate totally understand, I have always gone for 3 and sometimes 4 button but recently I have boought a few 2 button and as I usually wear either a waistcoat or slipover it looks better to me, pehaps 'in look' ' was the wrong words mate, I am so far away from following what other people wear.

    But for me I would not buy a boating blazer it may well suit others but having tried one on I looked  like a walking deck chair.

  • Sadly not the scooter! Just the boating blazer haha

    • This is a nice jacket, I know it's 2 button , but that's the 'in look' at the moment, 2 button is making a big comeback and it's well known a 2 button suits anybody over 42" chest much better than a 3 button , that just brings your attention to your upper body and gives the appearance of being shorter, wear it with jeans or trousers above your shoes and you look ' verticaly challenged' so come on guys give the 2 button some room,

      Anyway 85 sov's not bad for a well cut bit of schmutter and this weekend I believe 30% off.


  • Thinking about getting this as my first move from 'typical Fred Perry/ nice shirt and v neck jumper, parka, jeans wearing' basic Mod:

    Hoping it'll looks alright on me with some nice Sta Prests and what not.

  • was in carnaby st the other day,canny move for boating blazers! some humdingers too.

  • Earlier on here I kind of mentioned the age thing in reverse in that they appeared to be a bit of an old mans thing when I was young(er).  I also mentioned the presenters on the Antiques Road Show.

    Here is the evidence .....



    • 3 buttons Kai - get yer glasses on!!

    •  Dont be fooled by appearances He wears a war time coat in the wind and sleet

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