• No mate totally understand, I have always gone for 3 and sometimes 4 button but recently I have boought a few 2 button and as I usually wear either a waistcoat or slipover it looks better to me, pehaps 'in look' ' was the wrong words mate, I am so far away from following what other people wear.

    But for me I would not buy a boating blazer it may well suit others but having tried one on I looked  like a walking deck chair.

  • Sadly not the scooter! Just the boating blazer haha

    • This is a nice jacket, I know it's 2 button , but that's the 'in look' at the moment, 2 button is making a big comeback and it's well known a 2 button suits anybody over 42" chest much better than a 3 button , that just brings your attention to your upper body and gives the appearance of being shorter, wear it with jeans or trousers above your shoes and you look ' verticaly challenged' so come on guys give the 2 button some room,

      Anyway 85 sov's not bad for a well cut bit of schmutter and this weekend I believe 30% off.


  • Thinking about getting this as my first move from 'typical Fred Perry/ nice shirt and v neck jumper, parka, jeans wearing' basic Mod:

    Hoping it'll looks alright on me with some nice Sta Prests and what not.

  • i understand what youre saying jb and perhaps theyre not "in yer face mod " but after trying on a similar jacket to that herringbone one in next i found myself with a "need for tweed "

    the next jacket was just a fashionable jacket for the masses in two buttons with long lapels  but i liked the materiel it was made from and went looking for something more three buttoned and with shorter lapels

    and i think i found it in that asos one

  • was in carnaby st the other day,canny move for boating blazers! some humdingers too.

    • Oh dear that's not good Steven. I'm going down there next Tuesday so I'll have to leave my bank card at home I think otherwise some serious damage may be done!

    • This one?

      To say PG are taking the piss with the prices they charge, is an understatement.. 

    • although i wouldnt wear a boating blazer anymore i'd quite happily wear something in a madras check like rod the mod is here in a photo that was in todays paper .

      i thought it was three button at first but its only two

      great colour though

      looks good with the sand coloured trousers and desert boots he's wearing

      isnt penny lancaster looking old ?

    • american ebay seems a good place to look

      i think rod is wearing a ralph lauren one

      you can get them in two or three buttons

      heres one i found  but its not my size

      its pretty much the same pattern and colour as rodneys

      i'll have to track one down !

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