• Ok there you go !

    • That looks great Andy...not too OTT as some can be. Would be good to see a snap with it on. The colour stripes give a few options I would think...are they lemon, pink and sky blue?

    • The pink is tipped with white / Blue tipped with lilac/purple/ Lemon tipped with sky blue. Doesn't really show up on the photograph. Getting it's first outing Saturday evening !

  • Put  a pic up there amigo!!  Lets see it!!

  • This one has twin vents and I guess is almost unique:

    • Hi Steve.

                  Update on the blazer so i checked the place in Oxford, cept the guy  i needed to talk to was away ! Great ! So decided to get a Merc blazer. Gets to the shop and they've not got my size but they said they had !! So i'm thinking this isn't good anyway wandered into Charles Tyrwitt, saw a striped one not exactly what i was gonna get but it looked ok and had TWIN vents ! So got it and i'm happy with it so there you go. But thanks for your help and to everyone else as well !

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