Bond Is 50!

Got to be done folks. The quintessential britisher, Bond, James Bond! Ursula Andress aka Honey Ryder is forever burned into my memory banks, with Halle Berry aka Jinx Johnson a close second. But hey! If Sean 'Scotland Forever' Connery or the suave Sir Roger Moore (better as Simon Templar, style wise imho) rocks your boat, you take your pick. Perhaps not Mod in the strict sense but definitely M.O.D. and still worth a discussion.   

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    • Oi Kai! At least give a spoiler warning mate... hahaha. Just finished watching the previous Bonds with Mr Craig to get back up to speed and ready for Skyfall ;0)

    • Lol! Thanks but no thanks Kai, I like my popcorn and blueberry slushpuppies haha :0)

  • The David Niven Casino Royale was a bit tongue in cheek but watchable. I didn't watch the Vic Reeves version of Randell & Hopkirk but enjoyed the original 1969 Randell and Hopkirk (Deceased) as a very young man. Jeannie Hopkirk (Annette Andre) in boots and miniskirt was worth it alone. Me too with the white Levi's, not knocking the look, it's a great look to pull off. Check out Richard Barnes Mods! pages 34, 54-55, 68, The Who's Pete Townshend page 100-101 and the ModGens very own Peter Decourcey Hinds. Very cool.

    • Loved her too mate
    • Lol! An English Rose Craig

  • heres one for you gary,who could follow on from Mr Craig?? Bloody hard act to follow!!

    • Totally agree mate, a very dark Bond and right up to date :0)

    • The Wife and I were having the debate 'what hurts the most a kick in the goolies or giving birth.' I showed her the clip of Daniel Craig jammed in a chair as Bond, asking the baddie, 'To the left a bit, there's an itch' needless to say, even I'd rather have a baby! hahaha

  • to be honest i think daniel craig tops the lot. cool as , and in his spare time he has worn the odd baracuta harrington.

    • I liked OHMSS with Lazenby. They definitely had it in for him. I heard Diana Rigg who played the Countess, ate garlic throughout filming to piss him off. Not a clue what he did to upset people? 

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