Bowie and the Small Faces

Paul Trynka is the author of new Bowie biography, Bowie: Starman. Trynka’s book covers the entirety of Bowie’s career, highlights including Bowie’s first trip to America, his hearing the Stooges for the first time, meeting the Velvet Underground, and his struggles in self teaching himself to play the piano from scratch.


Most interesting of all the book also deals with an early period where he was (according to the author) a member of the Small Faces...


Not sure about the validity of this claim but according to David Bowie, on a 1999 episode of 'VH1 Storytellers':  In 1964 he and his good friend Marriott planned to form an R&B duo called 'David and Goliath'. Instead, Marriott, Lane and Jones decided to form their own band, with Steve bringing along his acquaintance, Jimmy Winston (Winston was later replaced by Ian McLagan)



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    • I agree, Bill. Certainly no mention of it in John Pigeon's "Rod Stewart and the Changing Faces". I always thought Bowie was over-rated anyway- I remember a press story around '69/70 about him being run out of a Texan town for wearing a dress! Anyone else remember this?

    • I see the book is going for £30 on Amazon so I wont be rushing out to buy it.  Better off getting down to Fop - I got the Small Faces: Young Mods Forgotten Story for £3 at the weekend!

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