Brighton 2011, What a Weekend.

Slightly surprised that no one has done a post about the actual weekender itself so here goes.

I have to say that we all had an absolutely brilliant time. The weather was great, the company was brilliant, the music was excellent, and the beer was flowing. I would say that if people were looking for a weekend where scooters are the main focus then Brighton may not be the thing. There was a lot of amazing scooters there, but not on the same level numbers wise as you get at a rally. But for a dedicated Mod that has to be the real deal. A lot of the people put a lot of effort into not just their scoots, but how they looked on the scoots. At night everyone was dressed well too. The only slight pity for some was that both the Saturday and Sunday nights were sold out and many people got knocked back.

So what I would say is that it was one of the best weekends ever, no hint of trouble, a great vibe, and some great people. That's what it is all about to me, and roll on next August as I am sure a few more from Glasgow may be going down to Brighton.


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  • Cheers Paul, and make sure you change your booking Carole. Brighton is a cool place but I don't think it would be quite the same without it being the Mod weekender.

  • Better get onto that then!!! Thanks for the update!


  • Well we have not booked anything yet Paul so no issues there. But I have a feeling we may well do so soon such is the interest. There's a few booked into the digs we styayed at the last time so we may have to look at an alternative.

  • Had a fabulous time - could only manage the Friday night and Saturday afternoon - work on Sunday back in Cambridge!
    Met and saw a few people we knew, would've liked to get to know more, hopefully next time. But to be honest the vibe was so good, and people so happy to be there amongst it that it felt you'd sort of come home - if you know what I mean?!

    Thanks for organising the weekend - Dorset & Komedia on Friday were just amazing - music, people, clothes - and Volks the Saturday afternoon - again superb!

    Booked up (B&b) already for 2012 -
    -  judging from the feedback on here - it'll be a corker (again)!

    • ps....presuming it's the weekend of 31st August - hopefully - or I'll have to change the booking!


    • Maybe worth double checking Carole. I would have thought it was from Friday August 24th to Monday August 27th, but I may well be wrong.

    • spot on Chris the following weekend ends in september so cant be August bank holiday,,,Carole im afraid you may have to change your booking,,although you do have plenty of time to do this...  

    • I thought as much Ralph, but was not quite 100% certain.

  • Same here Harry. If people go to mainstream scooter rally's and have a great time then that is fantastic, its just not my bag and never again will be. It was great to see a lot of beautifully adorned scooters down at Brighton, and it was also great to see their owners making an efffort appearance wise. If the weekend was only composed of one part it would never have been the same success. But when you combined the clothes, the scooters, the music, the crack, and Brighton as a backdrop, that was what made it so good.

  • I was wondering, the comments on here are making me more and more determined to get down there next year. I've had a look at some of the accommodation down there and it seems fairly expensive. Are there any B&B's that you guys stayed in that you could recommend for value etc? At the end of the day it's just somewhere to sleep off your sore feet (and head!) so it doesn't have to be spectacular. I'd be coming down from just outside Edinburgh so that's why I'd prefer to keep accommodation costs down if possible. Also, what are the dates for next year and is there something on on Friday as well?

    Any help gratefully received!

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