Brighton Mod Weekend

Another great weekend - I've added a post and photos to the site. Great to see Heather and Mark there - and so many young mods turned out again - one particular 17 year old had come down from London on his own - and was still around at 4am in the club! Although there were a fair few beautiful scooters present in Brighton we did hear from some guys returning from IOW that there were 30,000 scooters there! I think there is a very positive vibe that things are really taking off and there is a good mixture of older and younger mods at all these events - with everybody looking really great!

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  • Pictures are great Stevie.
  • Maybe they were all slow 50 specials Jordan ha ha.
    • lol, there was bout 50-100 a min
    • Oh !!!!!! ha ha that made me laugh
  • That is very, very likely Lainy. Well at least it would be if I was in charge of counting them ha ha.
    • picture the scene, sittin outside in the sun (of course) wee drink in hand some quality music playin in the background and a wee hand counter clickin everyscoot goin by...... sounds like a good day out. What if we need a refill? oh i,d just make up a number prob 30,000 hehe
    • Looked a brilliant weekend Stevie, i can't believe there were 30,000 scooters at the IOW. Need to wait to scootering does their write up and have a look.
    • 30,000 scooters, no way!!!!! my mates were there n said max 4,000 at the IOW
    • like i said, the police said 2 years ago 20,000 came across on the ferries thats not counting all the ones that came in vans
    • In the 80,s at its peak Morcambe had bout 8,000 scooters
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