Brighton Mod Weekender 2014

Just a wee post to say to everyone who is going to Brighton this weekend to have a fantastic time. I know it does not really need anyone to tell you to do so as that will happen anyway.

Sadly this year myself and the crowd I go around with will be absent but I am assured that there will still be a decent few from Glasgow in attendance. So look as cool as ever, enjoy the amazing music, and don't  get too drunk. Even as I write this the envy is pouring out.

One last thing, saying it is the 50th anniversary and all that jazz don't go too mad on any rockers that you may see around. A good old fashioned kicking will be more than enough ha ha

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  • Sory to hear that chris,work kept me away last year,wild horses wont this year!!!

    • I am in much the same camp as Motown here John. Don't get me wrong we all loved it last year, but it was maybe not so good and that was probably down to it becoming a bit more diluted. There are a few going down that I know but the 50th anniversary thing made me think it will attract a few belters, hence the reason why I have avoided it this time around. I hope I am wrong but only time will tell. No matter what, I am sure that everyone in attendance will have a cracker of a weekend, that's if they want to.

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    • when did you make that decision Motown??

    • I am sure we will make up for it next year Motown.

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