Brighton Rock

Is being remade and it will be set in the 60's. It will feature Mods & rockers. The article was in the Daily Mail.

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  • Yeah, I see they got Helen Mirren and Pete Postlewhaite in lead roles. It'll be an awsome remake and go a long way to popularising the MOD revival.
    • So is Pete Postlethwaite playing the Ace Face role that Sting played and Helen Mirren playing the role of Steph that Lesley Ash played, or am I thinking of another film entirely ha ha.
    • You're thinking of Quadrophenia I think. Pete plays a top brighton gangster and Helen plays the private detective.
    • Ah, I see. I knew I was going wrong somewhere ha ha.
  • The film has been shown at the Toronto Film Festival - here's a REVIEW - seems to be a mixed bag - and the reviewer seems a bit mixed up between Mods and Bikers?!?

    I've heard the movie will be released in Feb 2011


    Here's small clip:

  • Judging by some of the pics this film is going to be something special - the extras aren't just 'dressed' up - they are all mods - some were just given costume adjustments if they didn't look 60's enough



  • Judging by their extras requirements this could turn out to be a pretty fab film!!! Here's what they are looking for now:

    Film extras for 'Brighton Rock'.

    The overall filming dates are Sunday 18 October - Wednesday 4 November
    in Eastbourne and Brighton. On each day we need a smattering of mods,
    with and without scooters.

    However the main mod dates are:

    Wed 21 October - Eastbourne
    20 x Mods
    6 x Mod girlfriends

    Fri 23 Oct - Eastbourne
    100 x Mods
    40 x Mod girlfriends
    20 x Male Rockers

    Sun 25 Oct - Brighton
    175 x Mods - on Scooters
    75 x Mod girlfriends

    Mon 26 Oct - Brighton
    25 x Mods - on Scooters
    20 x Mod girlfriends

    Thur 29 Oct - Brighton
    8 x Mods
    4 x Mod girlfriends

    The pay is £75.00 per day, paid by cheque. We will need an NI number
    and address/D.O.B. Payment should be within 2-3 weeks. NI will be
    deducted where there is more than one day a week worked. We will feed

    It is difficult to predict timings in advance but mostly these are all
    day shoots. Please could those interested be prepared to keep the
    whole day free.

    Please could anyone interested email their name, contact number, photo
    and a picture of their scooter if they have one. Please also include
    measurements in inches and a description of any period style clothes
    from 1964. Please also let us know general availability.

    Men: Age/height/collar/chest/waist/inside leg/shoe
    Women: Age/height/bust/waist/hips/shoe

    Please email me with the reference 'BAR ITALIA' to:

    For those who are available to put themselves forward to be mods or
    general extras in 'Brighton Rock'.

    Next Wed 30th September between 5pm - 7pm at Ealing Film Studios,
    Ealing Green, London W5 5EP.

    A chance to meet you, bring your Scooter to show us if you have one
    and any 1964 costume you might have, smart and casual.

    There will be later Castings in Eastbourne and Brighton, details to
    follow for those based on the South Coast
    Respond to the email address above.
    • That's a lot of mods who could be film stars. Any takers?
    • they may be hard pressed to find all thos mod girlfriends lol
  • Here's some update on the filming of Brighton Rock:

    "Call to all scooterists with 60s scooters!

    We need YOU for a film shoot on Sunday, the 18th of October 2009 in Brighton all day.

    Brighton Rock is a film set in 1964 surrounding the Mod youth cult and one mans introduction to the scene. The production company require 200 PERIOD scooters for one day only on Brighton seafront as background artists.

    The producers have been very specific in order to recreate as much of an authentic representation as possible- scooters that would have been around in 1964 (or close to it) and not necessarily perfect concours restorations (so really original mod scooters). So if you have anything up to an SX/SS180 or like (later 60s) that should be fine BUT if you have a GP/PX/TaG/70's racer please do NOT apply."

    - Sounds good that they are making an effort to be authentic and not follow the Quadrophenia line with any old scooters allowed on screen.
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