Brighton Rock

Brighton Rock opens in cinemas 4th February - although it's not going to be another Quadrophenia it does seems to be more historically accurate and there's plenty of mods appear in it.


There's a competition being run by The Guardian to coincide with the release of Brighton Rock.


The prize is £250 worth of Merc gear. Enter HERE (ends 28th Feb)


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  • Yeh, seems it was The Big 7 Scooter Cub who did the scooter bits, some vid online of the filming. Great looking Mods with geat looking scooters and they got to ride without wearing skid lids lucky people. Don't know what the film storyline itself will be like but i will have to watch it just for scooters and any good mod bits.   

  • The 1947 version (actually set in the 30's!) was on British tv just the other day. I havent yet seen the 2011 version,must look on E-bay!

  • We like the look of this and will see it at the Tyneside Cinema... (cue Roy Budd's theme to Get Carter)...
    • As long as its not Roy Hudd's theme to emu ha ha.
    • Cant wait to see it.........
  • I think it'll be good, and looking forward to seeing it.
  • Not so sure about February, but i have a feeling that Brighton will be rockin in August, well at least if we have anything to do with it. 
    • You definitely doing Brighton in August Chris?
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