• Bit early I know but are tickets on sale yet for Komdia and if so where from. Alos is MODesty on again?

    • Hi fella

      The MODesty team will certainly be doing the annual Saturday Night warm-up this August Bank Holiday for your delectation & delight (& quite possibly some other stuff this year ... watch this space)

      Ian B

  • Do say hello if you pop into MODesty at The Dorset on the Saturday night!

    I'll be the follically challenged old chap behind the decks

    Ian B

  • Nice one Stephen! All new to Brighton:)
    • Sunday 3PM at Volks seafront scooter show n rideout...Highlight for me !

    • is it Safe to park the Scooter at the Club - Komedia - Gardner Street ? 

      do you know of any cheap digs?  Scooting down from Leicester on the Friday

      cant wait !!!

    • I seem to recall that Gardiner Street is a 'No Parking' street, but there are parking areas for scooters in nearby side-roads.

    • Might be worth trying here (If they aren't fully booked yet)


      Ian B

  • Daytime - Volks - by the pier

    Pre club - The Dorset or Heart in Hand - North Road

    Club - Komedia - Gardner Street

    Morning - sleep - bed

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