• Here's the full video I took of Buckingham Palace rideout - plus a bit of the fantastic Shoestrung at the end (listen to their own stuff here: The Shoestrung)

    • Hi Stephen, Thanks for sharing that looks fab. Best Rob
  • Looked like a good day, some smart bikes and some young mods as well. Makes ye feel auld.
    • Hi Stephen, Caught this by accident well done Mr first class job. Mind if I put a link up on our site to your video etc? A lot of young Mods on Scooters Sat and one comp winner as well young Scott from the 'I'm One' book front cover. Catch you all in a few weeks on your patch I hope. Cheers Rob
    • I've already added the video to NUTs site but you can add link or whatever else, no problems - well done on great event (I thought The Shoestrung were great before but they've got even better now!)
    • Hi Stephen I agree taking them over for Euro Ye Ye this year which is the best Mod/60's event in Europe. They should be signed soon if thier is any justice. Catch you soon and ta for the video. Regards Rob
  • great pics, can you give a figure on how many scooters were there?? looks like alot of young lads and lasses were there, can wait till next year , when i get my wheels

    my personal target for next year is to take part in the IOW ride out
    • I think they had the scooter count at 270+ and your right there was plenty of youngsters there - which was good to see. The Great London Scooter Run is next week which is a lot bigger (the Buck Palace was mainly a mod thing).
    • There is no way there was that many Steve kid. Nearer 268 if you ask me ha ha.
  • Looks like a great turnout Stevie, and some of the scooters like absolutely class. I did not know Santa Claus drove a scooter right enough, I thought he was more into sleighs ha ha.
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