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Hi! I am going to travel soon to London. I want to buy a fishtail parka. I come from Spain so I don't know where can I go to buy one. Can you help me?



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  • I know, Mod Goddess. But I like It, mod or not or not mod symbol.


    • Well, I had a parka in '84 and I love it. And no, I don't ride actually a scooter... I like fishtails, that's all.



  • You don't have to buy a parka to be a Mod. Let your wardrobe speak for itself.

    • You don't have to be a mod to wear a parka! Witness the terrible garb of women turning up to my kids school. I could send pics if you want the awfulness..well ok I haven't actually taken any... which would be creepy. ...nuf said..



    • No  - its usually Primark leggings and some black white nike. I never thought black went well with Kharki, I'll leave that to the army!


    • Thanks, Robert



    • Enjoy your trip Aurelio. If you are in London you should check out Mendoza and John Simons stores for something sartoriale...

  • Thx, Kai!!!

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