Casuals! Myth or Legend

I well and truly put my hand up to enjoying this period of style. For me personally, the last show of defiance in street wear before being carted off to wedded bliss and fatherhood.

Mentioned in one or two mod books and dismissed in just as many. I don't remember the title Casuals but definitely dropped the Fila rollneck, Lyle&Scott, Farah hopsacks or Lois cords and jeans.

Any other Casual memories?

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  • I must admit l was a scally for a couple of years in the 80s. The mod scene had died and it did look a bit dated by 84 l was listening to merseybeat and motown stax Atlantic by then. All the Liverpool away mob set the standard for clothes. Jeans and trainers changed every couple of weeks, faster than the original mod scene in the early 60s,but there was no aggro between mods and scallies most of them had been mods for a short time and were into the jam. Mods had aggro with rockabillys punks and skinheads as well as smellies,luckily for me l saw the solid bond video in 87 and it saved my soul.
  • I used to dress that way when I was younger.

    I thought I had no dress sense back then, but it turns out I was a casual.

  • I was never a casual but I knew a few Mods who got into it, mainly because they missed the aggro I suppose. We never came across them in terms of fighting them as it was just starting to grow when our Mod scene was dying out. I have seen a few comparisons made but not for me, as far as I am concerned they looked naff and had no style whatsoever.
    • Looking back at it all now, it seems just a hop, skip and a step away from the hoodie with their trackie bottoms tucked into their socks. Apparently a lot of the style started with the main English teams foray into the euros during the 80's. With the fans raiding naive continental stores for their expensive designer wear stocks, then strutting and flashing it about in good old blighty. 

      I loved it at the time but then again I loved my snorkel parka and raleigh chopper. I thought I looked the dogs dangles then as well… There's just no accounting for taste and seeing what some of the original mods morphed into i.e. the psychedelia and dandy phase followed by prog-rock I think I got off lightly. Don't you?


    • I suppose it all comes down to taste Gary and I am sure we all had our style sins once we went away from the Mod scene. My own true confession moment is that I had one of those flat top hairdo's for a while. I never liked that music right enough but I did like the hair style for a bit before sense returned.
      The casual thing was to me just young guys dressing like badly dressed golfers looking for a fight. They were not a youth cult like Mods, Skins, or Punks for me as they did not have a music genre associated with them. They did sport some shocking haircuts like mullets and wedges right enough so that alone should consign them to the style equivalent or room 101 ha ha
    • what i always found hilarious was that they thought themselves different from normal football fans as they never wore colours. They thougt they would escape the attention of the screws because of that but in reality they were as covert as a bunch of rhinos running up a main road. They had a cheek to class themselves as football fans when a lot of their firm names involved the term 'soccer.' The only people who call it that are in the U.S ha ha
    • It depends wether you are talking about suffering due to once getting into trouble with ancient William, or actually being one of them at one time Alan. Is it national confession day down south ? First we had someone actually admitting to being a conservative, and then a Lord of the realm admits to having been involved with Thatchers boot boys ha ha
    • I know what you mean Alan, an untrustworthy bunch so i am not surprised you opted out. I thought they would have changed for the better since the 80s but i have seen several instances that tell me that is not the case.
    • Yeah, totally agree with you Alan. Its funny how the police are held up to be some sort of high standard in terms of honesty, integrity etc. The reality is that there will be as many good and honest people as in any such a workforce as well as just as many dishonest and corrupt one's. The only thing that makes it worse to me is the power they have and the fact that they often close ranks to cover up for the one's who are do wrong.
    • Yep! I had a flat top too… definitely now consigned to room 101 ha ha. The above photo was taken at the birth of my daughter so it was my last hurrah! aged 22 of any connection to street culture. Mortgage, work, kid and maturity (to some extent) beckoned never to see my presence again until the revival of the revivalist of the original originals ;0) 

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