Charity football match this saturday

F.C. Mods ( featuring many well known faces from the Glasgow mod scene) are playing a mcchuills select at 11 a side football at 2pm this sat the 16th oh October down at the artificial pitches at Glasgow green at 2 pm , spectators welcome and everyone will be heading back to mcchuills after match( from about 4 pm) for drinks and a raffle, charity is an orphanage in the Congo, we re after raffle prizes too if anyone would like to donate anything, so hope to see you all down there before Pretty Things gig if ye can, cheers, Paul

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  • Well sad to report that the Mods were down 4-0 to the Hoops when we left. There was not long to go so the chances of a revivival were maybe not so strong. Anyway, a few of us were there to witness this shameful display and I even had a few bottles of wine too. Much required after watching that lot ha ha.

    All kidding aside, well done to the guys who took part and a very good cause too.
    • we won 5-4
    • Was that in the drinking contest after the match Paolo ?
    • Many thanks to all who played in the game on Saturday, not tomention the great turnout of spectators for our side( why no singing folks). Between the contributions of the players, donations and selling raffle tickets we raised £351 clear after costs, a tidy sum which will make steal difference to those wee orphans, superb, big shouts go to our very own Chris Cameron , Davie Malcolm and Q who made fantastic donations both prizes and money, and thanks to all who bought tickets or who helped in any way, there will be another game in the springtime possibly.
    • Great work Paolo and very well done to all the guys who took part in the match. I am sure the next one in the Spring will do even better again. We were going to cheer you's on but Q, Andy Doyle, and myself couldn't quite bring ourselves to cheer a team playing the Hoops ha ha.
    • Effin predictive shite on my phone that should read 'make a real difference 'not a steal difference
    • Sorry I was unable to attend Paul, glad it was a success, will give you a tenner at Friday Street towards the charity, there is always those worse off than ourselves, well done to all those who turned up.

  • Big Malloy in a red,white and blue top,wonders will never cease.Come on the mods
    • Very pleasing on the eye that wee combination stevie boy,ah dont let such things affect me as you know(see my scooter for example),mon the mods.
  • I think the Mods will be at a distinct disadvantage Paolo due to playing in their suits and also wearing those smart shoes with the leather soles. I hope you have had the foresight to let them wear Fred Perrys under their suit jackets, or at least a button down without a tie ha ha.
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