I am not embarrassed to say that I have a fetish for the recent Levis Vintage Clothing 1960s striped tee (seen above) because of its classically simple look that's firmly entrenched in early-to-mid 60s Ivy League/Surfer. As I'm more into the classic Ivy League/British 'Modernist' look of that era, I'm presently invested in stocking up on shirts with that style during the season. Problem is that 1) the actual shirt itself is well outside my price range and 2) there aren't alot of good derivatives as far as the I can see. The only exception is a white BDG tri-blend shirt I bought earlier this month which I like, but stuff this decent is hard to come by. Does anyone have a few suggestions?

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  • Try out Uniqlo, they always seem to have some decent striped T's at good prices, always worth having a look every now and then as their stock seems to change every other day.


  • w/ re: to striped T's and mock turtlenecks ...I'm all in,   good 6T's style, simple, & great for the hot weather, esp. w/ white jeans! I even saw some at Hollister California (a store I never frequent) that might work @ a good price 


    look down page & see if that's what you're look'n for

    • If one were to remove the label altogether, it would be perfect. But thanks for the suggestion 

    • KK,

      I was thinking the same thing, they look right out of a 60's 70's Sears catalog, but for those bird labels. I wonder if they can be removed? I have some nice Farrah's but cost twice as much (or more)

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