Chemical Straightening

Hey there, I've been toying with the idea of chemically straightening my hair and was wondering if anybody else here has tried. I have to keep my hair cut incredibly short, otherwise my sideburns, fringe and the back of my neck will start curling. Problem is that because I'm only 16 and have hair that grows really quickly is it worth chemically straightening or will it be a massive hassle trying to keep on top of the roots?

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  • 3298091306?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Hi Ethan just seen your post, not been on for a while myself. Here is a serious answer. I would get some small straighteners which are effective and less hassle, I use some.. I have tried this chemical straightener just under £10,it works,


    depends if you want your hair as good as it can be or not?

  • Slap some of that Viagra gel on it mate. That'll straighten it in no time at all ;0)

    • Yeah makes your hair stand up, haha!
  • Remember the problem vaguely from decades ago, hahaha!

    Don't think in the ,long term it'll do you any good, Ethan.

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