Clarks Originals price hike

Whilst in Nottingham the other day I popped into Clarks in the Market Square. I was browsing the Originals when an Assistant came up to me to see if I needed any help. We got chatting and she told me that if I was interested in the Desert Boot then I was best to buy now as Clarks are withdrawing the current version and will re-release in the Autumn with improved materials at a cost of ... £200 !!!

Anyone else heard about this?

She said that they are scaling back as it is a niche market

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  • 20170808_192508.jpg?width=721Here the new ones are; kind of red-ish; I love it!

  • However... just secured me a pair of brown Clarks dessies for 47,50 GBP... :-)

    • Clarks dessies. Irresistible if the truth be told, especially to a mod. I have a pair for every day of the week plus the extra day of a leap year ;0) 

    • To me the only desert boot, tbh.

  • I'm lovin' the look of these desert boots from Andy at Modshoes.


    • Nice colour too, those Gary ;-)

    • Yeah Gary, saw them in Andy's email yesterday. Proper crepe sole and good shape. I have a number of his boots, shoes, and recently his summer pumps, all good quality so assume these dessies will be the same
    • I've had one or two items myself Mark. A top geezer and friend but more importantly a first class company with a superb after sales service second to none. The true mark of a great business ;0)  

  • If that`s true, I`ll not be paying £200 for desert boots. I only paid £40 for Loake Sahara`s, about 2 months ago, a bargain that will last me a while.

    • That's it Alan ... I'm thinking of putting my Clarke's up for auction!

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