come back Mark Johnson..........

Thought I would put this under the 'Novelty' category - say something stupid - here goes.

Maybe the Phoenix list was ultimately responsible for the demise of the scene mid to late 80s (maybe not) but it's aspirations were noble - the execution of those aspirations weren't so noble in the end.

The Phoenix list, despite the faults it later developed, was just what the mod scene needed at the time - it was a unifying force.

Do we need a web equivalent?

There are so many good mod related websites (and few piss poor ones too) but it's just so fractured.

Is there a need for a one-stop site where all events can be viewed? A site where it's just up to date events - no banter - there's plenty of that already.

Is there anybody man enough? I don't possess the skills (or motivation).

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  • I do remember buying the List in the 80s.  It is a completely personal thing, but for me it was almost trying to recreate the 60s. so I packed it in....BUT!!

    I had no idea who published it, and in fairness and in retrospect it must be said that it was a strong reaction against the scooter boy thing it insisted that cool was in , suits were in favour again, and scooters must never be cut down or massacred...

    That it got off the gorund at all was a testiment to the guy.  It was pre web and virtually hand printed!!


    • The Pheonix List also contributed imo to the near death of the scene in the late 80's,I remember in one issue The likes of Eddie Pillar, JTQ Acid Jazz etc getting slagged off as hippies and being traitors to the scene when in fact they were doing the opposite it was they who were taking things forward making it fresh again..It was the attitude of The Pheonix List and the inverted snobbery and over elitism of the Mod Societies that were springing up allover the country that hasted the scene's demise...By all accounts Johnson wasnt exactly smartly turned out himself in his pomp....

  • HP, The guy in question was American.

  • I am sure we will be enlightened soon enough Harry, its not as if its any big deal but I initially thought that I was the only one who had never heard of the guy. If there is something about his background that is not so hot its good that people are showing a bit of class and not revealing it on site to nosey bastards like me ha ha.

  • Sounds like he was known maybe around the mid to late 80s or something Harry but not a name I am familiar with.

    • It's not a secret TBH, regarding Mark Johnson's reputation - there's a couple of articles from a few London mods/faces about his dodgy past in the book; "This is a Modern Life".

      He obviously wasn't particularly liked for reasons I won't bother quoting on here.

    • Chris he ran the Pheonix list( weekly mod newsletter) from about 84-88ish, that was fine, the other stuff as steve says better we tell ye face .
  • Chris,I'll tell you about Mark Johnstone the next time i see you,i don't want to speak ill of the dead,so it's not something to be aired on the world wide web.I was attending mod do's in London in his time and his reputation was well known.

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    • I will have to get someone to fill me in here. I have honestly never heard of this guy never mind why he was a bit of a bad egg, or the circumstances in which he died.

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