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In order to honour MG Ace Face, and to carry the torch for the (hopefully short) time while he's gone (and I'm confident he'll return), let's revive Motown's thread, which is far too good to be forgotten...

Here's to you, Mr Motown!

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    • Great photo's Gary, especially the PP Arnold one.
    • P.P.'s got her lost Album from 1970 released next month!

    • I ticked that one off some time ago Kai. Yet another cool album worth having ;0)

    • Here's the new one Gary; out Oct 6th! :-)

    • Hmmm! Personally, I'm not surprised that the sessions got lost and will stick with the Immediate album. But as always Kai, it's only a matter of opinion.

      Cracking looking media and artwork though ;0)


  • One the Mod Goddess should like... ;-)

    • It is a great pic! Thanks for the upload. I loved the one from the Avengers you put up earlier, too.

      Still looking forward wearing my Jack Wills one this Summer. It's been a miserable, wet Spring so far and I do miss wearing my boating blazers
    • I stumbled across a book that should be of great interest for both of us, Bec. Got my copy ordered; the version in the bottom pic.

    • I remember looking at that some months back. I intend ordering a copy soon. However, I don't think I'd wear any of mine to Fernwood (gym)...
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