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In order to honour MG Ace Face, and to carry the torch for the (hopefully short) time while he's gone (and I'm confident he'll return), let's revive Motown's thread, which is far too good to be forgotten...

Here's to you, Mr Motown!

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    • Sorry I phrased it poorly :) I think it was worn in the southern hotter areas due to the nature of the cloth, by people emulating the style ivy league style. 

    • Well depending on how strictly you define the Ivy look but it definitely either spread to certain southern states to or else overlapped with the existing trends in southern states for items like seersucker in the summer and herringbone in the winter. I'm clearly no expert but I've seen the term 'Trad' used to describe a widening of the Ivy look (both geographically and idealistically) beyond its origins in the elite north east coast Ivy League universities.
    • More than likely seersucker but that's a still from 'The Graduate'. It's not a suit just a sports jacket but Hoffman appears in a lot of Ivy style outfits in the film. I don't remember if they specify from which university he graduated in the film or if it's just implicit that he graduated from one of the Ivy League ones 'back east' before returning to the ennui of life in an upscale suburb of Los Angeles ... and Mrs. Robinson!
    • Well, you really wouldn't wear seersucker here in New York. Even if it was hot in the summer. More of a southern thing I think. Which is a little sad, because I would like to have one but would never really have the chance to wear it. Ivy League is definitely the look for New York, Connecticut, Massachusets, etc... The kind of stuff a student in Harvard would wear. Polos and Sweaters and Sweater Vests. I own a bunch of Sweater Vests. My look is a bit of a mix between those sorts of American styles and Mod. I'm drifting closer to Mod now, though, and when I get more money I am going to buy myself a three button suit.

    • I like a seersucker Blazer in summer and also got seersucker trousers to go casually with a polo shirt in the Summer, but a complete suit wouldn't be for me.

    • I have a seersucker suit which I bought just cos it was ridiculously cheap at about $100 IIRC but I haven't worn it much and very rarely see seersucker worn either here in Florida or elsewhere as I travel a lot with work. There is a day set aside in the spring when members of congress are encouraged by senator Trent Lott of Mississippi to wear seersucker but not many take part. I have a pincord jacket (like seersucker but narrower wales) which I wear more often, and last summer got a paper thin deconstructed seersucker blazer from Uniqlo purely cos it was on sale for $20! Couldn't pass that up!
      Oh and last summer I got a pair of Izod seersucker shorts in TJMaxx for about $15 which, given my personal beef about not wearing shorts away from the pool or beach, have seen more daylight than I would have expected.
  • Nice pics Gary; Iv'e seen that girl at the top on several sites to do with mods, skinheads, Fred Perry etc. She reminds me of the actress Rita Tushingham, on whom I had quite a crush. The bottom picture could almost be a definitive image of the mod girl look circa 1964 ; but I suppose, like all things, that's largely a matter of opinion.

    • In fact the pic you're referring to is a very current one, Graham! ;-)

  • Thankyou guys ..... merry Christmas and (I hate to say it) "Happy Holidays (Yuk) to one and all!

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