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In order to honour MG Ace Face, and to carry the torch for the (hopefully short) time while he's gone (and I'm confident he'll return), let's revive Motown's thread, which is far too good to be forgotten...

Here's to you, Mr Motown!

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  • Dear Kai,

    I know "blue and green should never be seen", but...


    • Dear Bec;

      While I think occasionally blue and green go together alright (not least with Miles Davis), I like this new one by Scott even better... drool!!!

      ... and there' a few others I can only post in the uncool PCs section, if you'd be so free to have a look, Milady...

    • Meanwhile, here's some vintage beauties...

  • Good luck and all the best to sharp as... Anthony Joshua M.B.E., punching for Britain tonight.

    • How about this as a gesture, that is pure class?

      Anthony Joshua shows his gratitude to his former coach with incredible gift
      Joshua vowed not to forget those who helped him at the start of his career
    • I've the utmost respect for both Vlad and Josh. Two supreme examples of how world champion heavyweight boxers should conduct themselves in public.

      I'm backing Josh all the way but I would not be surprised if Vlad schools him for a points win. A fair fight where the performance will speak for itself, two genuine gentlemen of the noble art.

    • Nothing against big Vlad, but must back Mr Joshua as the British guy, who also, may I say, comes across as a very decent chap ;-)

    • Lookin a Class Act,well turned out,No Trash Talk from him either.

    • Looks like that fight lived up to the hype.
    • Whilst no Hagler v Hearns, still a very good and genuine passing of the baton.

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