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In order to honour MG Ace Face, and to carry the torch for the (hopefully short) time while he's gone (and I'm confident he'll return), let's revive Motown's thread, which is far too good to be forgotten...

Here's to you, Mr Motown!

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    • His music certainly did. Between him and adam ant they somehow dominated the charts in 1981. Without being arsed to look it up maybe they did not dominate so much but the music was so bad that it felt like they did.
    • I could never see the attraction to Adam and the Ants, frankly I thought he was dog shite and without coming across as a thicky, I never could decipher those lyrics, "Dog eat dog eat dog eat dog, leapfrog the dog and brush me Daddio". Some punks were quite into AATA and I didn`t object to a bit of punk, my faves being 999, the Buzzcocks and the Damned. As for good old Shaky, he was harmless enough, just a cornier, poor man`s version of Elvis really ;-)

    • Yeah i like a lot of the punk and new wave stuff from between 77 to 82 too Alan. As far as I have heard Adam and the Ants were quite acceptable to most pineapple chunks before he went all teeny bopper and it became against the law to be a fan of his unless you were under thirteen. The same applied to Mr S Stevens. Before he went down the same route as Adam Ant he was supposedly quite popular amongst the teds. I suppose they had some other great bands they could listen to right enough, such as Showaddywaddy, Racey, Matchbox, and Darts.
    • Ha-ha, yes Chris, though I don`t recall many Teds being about in the late 1970`s in the North East, can`t comment North of the border however. Risking a slating on here, I do admit to seeing the Stray Cats live and in all honesty they were outstanding ;-)

    • There was not a lot of teds up here either tbh Al, but the one's that were around always carried blades so you had to watch out and one of my mates got stabbed in the stomoch by one of them during a fight. I was once talkng to one of the band members of the Alarm. He had been in a Mod band prior to them becoming the Alarm. He was telling me that they played support to a rock n roll band (could have been the SC but cant remember) in Newcastle. He told me that the place was full of teds and they went mental. They had to barricade themselves into the dressing room after the gig. I told him they should just have thrown a bar of soap out and that would have frightened them off ha ha. The Stray Cats or any rock n roll is not my bag at all, but if other people enjoy it then why not.
    • The Stray Cats were just out and I am a big fan of the guitar Chris, even though I can`t play myself, I liked Brian Setzers style of playing and his solo stuff is quite good too, I`ll was never inclined to via away from the Mod scene and become rockabilly, but I thought I`d just give credit where it`s due and thought Setzer was rather talented. Another stlye of playing I like was McGuinn from the Byrds and thought "Eight miles high", was a top tune with interesting guitar playing.

    • That is the very question that goes to the heart of the matter. If we could answer that we could surely solve all societies ills.
    • Who put the Ram in the Ramalamadingdong! :-D
    • Well you will find it hard to beat a good bop to shaky or showaddywaddy Kai, you know that as much as anyone. Not too sure about hangovers as I only drink socially and stick to one or two shandies (at Christmas and New Year) on a night out.
    • I really like the Byrds and a lot of 1960s guitar music Alan. Despite trying to give rock n roll and rockabilly music a listen a number of years ago i could never like it. To me there are some forms of music that I generally will never like. There are exceptions to those rules of course, but by and large along with techno, modern r&b, and country music I do nor think I will ever come round to liking rock n roll.
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