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In order to honour MG Ace Face, and to carry the torch for the (hopefully short) time while he's gone (and I'm confident he'll return), let's revive Motown's thread, which is far too good to be forgotten...

Here's to you, Mr Motown!

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  • Nice bit of Ivy Inspiration for me today

    • Cool Photo Stevie n Georgie

  • Mods corrupting the youth of Australia in 1968...

    • Not sure the picture promotes the scruffy arguement.

    • If you knew how conservative Australia was compared to Old Blighty in the 1960s and due to the fact BOTH bands caused trouble on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney, both bands were considered to be scruffy. The Premier of Victoria at the time - Sir Henry Bolte - even called them "crummy hooligans" compared to The Seekers that year (1968) and Premier Askin of New South Wales believed that tighter controls of their Sydney show was needed because of said incident on the flight.
    • I understand that becky but surely a picture of a band in top hats and bow ties probably wasn't the best choice to back up the headline.

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