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In order to honour MG Ace Face, and to carry the torch for the (hopefully short) time while he's gone (and I'm confident he'll return), let's revive Motown's thread, which is far too good to be forgotten...

Here's to you, Mr Motown!

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    • Very good photo, of both PW and a really neat TV.
  • Always, sometimes, never...


    • Great photos as always on here. The above one reminds me of how most people's scoots looked during the early revival time. I remember taking a shot of a friends 50 special and thinking I would almost be as quick getting off and pushing it, i think the top speed was just over 30 mph, and they had the cheek to have four gears ha ha
    • I fortunately never had a Vespa 50, I had a FSIE when I was 16 which went 55 mph (down hill, with the wind behind you in the slip stream of a bus) and a month before my 17th I got a Series 2 TV175 (not that I knew anything much about the model other than it was a Lambretta) and as my FSIE was unrestricted I sold it for more than I had bought it for so I was able to buy the Lambretta and lots of Accessories and still had enough left over to buy an open face crash helmet. But for those a bit younger it meant a Vespa 50 or nothing... and the rest of having to follow them at 30 mph. Strangely the GP200 (Indian or Italian) became more highly prized around our way and I traded the TV175 in for a GP200, then they changed the law so you had to pass your test (or claim you had converted the engine down to a 125cc wink wink) to ride a 200cc which fortunately I did first time.

    • One of my only regrets from my early mod days was never going for my test when it was relatively straight forward. I was slightly fortunate in that when i was 16 my provissional came back saying i was 17 (strange that) Due to that i had a great wee Vespa 90 as my first scooter. It was capable of reaching 50 mph and like Captain Scarlet it was virtually indestructible. I sold that to buy a 15 year old 150 super which needed more work than my budget could stretch to. Still enjoyed running about on it despite it not being taxed, insured, or mot'd but eventually sold it on to someone who could maybe do it some justice. Great days of fun and freedom with no responsibilities.
    • Yes the Test was straight forward, just riding around the block, the instructor could hardly claim I was not looking in my mirrors as I had about 6 each side!!

    • HaHa...Me too...Glad I did My Test when I did 87, On my Standard 125 Jet Serveta, drive round the Block, couple of Questions, Instructor standing wiv his Clipboard says U Passed.

    • We heard that the test instructors were not mad on Mods up here so people who took their test back then either did it on a motorbike, or made the scooter look totally standard and dressed like a scooter driving civilian. Not sure if it was correct or not but not many people liked us so it rings true.
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