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In order to honour MG Ace Face, and to carry the torch for the (hopefully short) time while he's gone (and I'm confident he'll return), let's revive Motown's thread, which is far too good to be forgotten...

Here's to you, Mr Motown!

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    • Haha when I'm in Scotland I feel my English is about as good as hers most of the time!

    • I know what you mean. Our stubborn streak has meant that we have never really learned English ha ha. I have a good friend from Germany who comes over here at least once a year and stays with us. He has been coming over so long that he understands our speech very well. The only time he struggles is when there is a few people all talking and it maybe gets a bit too fast.

    • The top one's my favourite!

    • We recently picked up a Small frame project a couple of weeks ago - not for me, sadly - and it fit in our Peugeot 306 xsi quite nicely...


    • Nice one MG, what type of small frame Vespa is it ? The photo does not really show.

    • That is some photo. I have seen scooters in vans but never in a mini.

    • LOL Great aint it....I had both a V50 Special 1st Scooter and a Mini 1st Car! I had My LI in the Back of my Ford Escort wiv the Arse End hangin out the Boot wiv a Hi Vis on....I was Runnin the LI in and parked up at Portsmouth drove onto the Ferry for IOW Mod Wkndr in the 90s. I didnt make it a previous year cos I thought I could Run In the LI on the 100mile Trek to IOW and the Engine Blew, Lesson Learned!!!   

    • Never had a 50 special as my first scoot was a wee Vespa 90. Although not great speed wise I always thought the 50s were integral to the revival as it was such a young scene. So many Mods were desperate for the day they turned 16 and could get on the road. 

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