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In order to honour MG Ace Face, and to carry the torch for the (hopefully short) time while he's gone (and I'm confident he'll return), let's revive Motown's thread, which is far too good to be forgotten...

Here's to you, Mr Motown!

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    • Never had a 50 special as my first scoot was a wee Vespa 90. Although not great speed wise I always thought the 50s were integral to the revival as it was such a young scene. So many Mods were desperate for the day they turned 16 and could get on the road. 

    • My first scoot was a 50 special. Spent more time in the boot of my Dads car than on the road haha


  • Young Dustin

    • Hoffman has always been a bit of a funny Focker... ;0) 

    • That picture says it all really, great image Billy.

    • Cool, calm and collected. A reflective reminder of many a young mans roots...

    • Young Mod Bedroom Essentials!


    • Or milennial aged Hipster's?


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