We all have had ''THAT'' moment when we have said something or done something pretty ''cool'' as a Mod, that makes you think for a precious minute ''Hey, I'm a Mod, this is what being a Mod is all about!!!'  I have had my share, one was in the Italian Centre Friday Street dance here in Glasgow  a few years back, saw this girl Jenny Hunter, we hadn't seen each other for about 17 years, we were over the moon after the hug. The Kingsmens ''Louie,Louie'' opening bars was being played and I just said ''Wanna dance with a Face???'' Total ''Quadrophenia'' moment, priceless!!!!!!!! What's your ''Cool Reflections'' The title comes from a book of Poetry signed by Senator Eugene McCarthy and given to me by the man himself at The International Society Of Poets in Washington D.C 1997, not bad for a ''wee Mod fae Glesga''  Look forward to hearing your replies.

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    • sounds like a scene out a pritty cool film haha

      aww poor viva tho good lookin cars :P

    • Briiliant cool moments keep 'em coming!!!!!!!!!

    • Ha,ha!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • it was about 86-87 and the buses where off at 7pm because they kept hi-jacking them ,i was going to the other side of town to the mate stewertys house ,around this time ,we dressed more like the krays than mods :) all suits and crombies ,walknig up great victoria st for a taxi ,when id caught up with a group of blokes ,,all pissed and rowdy ,,well ,next thing ,heard the wirr of army tyres and a load of squadies jumped out of two snatch type land rovers ,the officer told us all to stay still ,,he looked at me ,up and down and said " its okay cecil parkinson ,you can go on your way ":) pleased me ,no-end

  • our local bikers where the barbarians once had a massive run in with them only to attend a scooter night years later and landed up playing pool with them ( night had been cancelled)

  • Love that digger! Top drawer stuff!!  Class.

  • Wangled my way back stage at a Black Grape concert, sitting there with Ryder,Bez,Tim Burgess and Bobby Gillespie chewing the fat...end of the night Ryder turns to me and says, 'you Mods are f**king cool man'... will take that any day!

  • One of the Coolest moment for me was at college, some so-called friends(headbangers!) suggested we meet up one night for a drink or two, well the pub they named I didn't know so i arranged to meet them in there, so dressed to the nines in boating blazer, white sta prest, bowling shoes, parka( it was the early 80s!) I go to the pub and walk in to find myself in the company of the local "hells angels" , faced with two choices, front it and see if I can get through the night without serious bodily injury or run like the clappers , I fronted it and my mates who were at the bar , well their jaws dropped at my  cheek, even the bikers were giving nods of respect to me for not bottling it.

  • I remember when i was about 9 or 10 playing football with my mates in our estate in Belfast. Glencairn was pretty rough but i only remember it as our playground where the worst that happened was rain when you wanted out to play.

    Anyway, there we were playing football one day, when 4 or 5 scooters pulled in and parked in our carpark/pitch. The lads on the scoots were immaculate, lovely shoes, and lovely clothes under their parkas. We all stopped and went over to admire the scoots and found out one of them belonged to our mates brother. That was my introduction to everything Mod, I knew i wanted to be like that when i was older.

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