Curly hair - what to do?

I have naturally tight curled hair , which pretty much stops me from most hair styles. I want to cut it short, but it springs up in to a flat Afro type style. I find it near impossible to have a fringe which works with my style and I'm currently stuck with doing beehives everyday, which is fine but I want something different, but does anyone have any ideas on any new hairstyles that'll work?

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  • You could probably try straightening your hair using straighteners (Guessing you may have tried that?) or a chemical product. Then you could probably work on a longer hair 60s look not just restricted to the beehive... Welcome to MG-Good Luck.

    • Thanks Steve! Yeah I've tried straightening it but it takes around two hours each day (it's very thick) I might have a look at chemical products. Thanks
    • Try this Glatt by Shwartzkopff on Ebay for under a Tenner take U bout 20 mins. I used it in the recent past. However I sometimes get a wave in my short hair and use straightener's for that and my sideburns! Its the quick and easy way for me! I appreciate long womens hair is harder to deal with...give it a try.   

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      I quite like that

    • Julie Driscoll....Cool Face of the 60s a Fave of mine stunning Voice! Good Call Harry!

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