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    • Such sad news. I knew Dean for only a short time but found him to be a genuine, kind and generous fella. Small world really. I was born and raised in South London but moved out into Kent some years ago. I still visit family and a few years back decided to drive down the street where I was born for old time's sake. I stopped outside my old home and was stunned to see the house spruced up and now divided into smart flats. My first bedroom was now a swish modern living room and hanging on the wall was a screenprint/canvas of Paul Weller with a Target design. I smiled happy that the house I grew up in during the 1960s was now owned by someone into the same stuff as me now. By coincidence a year or so back I found myself in conversation with a fellow attendee at a photo-exhibition celebrating The Jam. I was randomly chatting to a lovely guy and he mentioned he lived in South London. "I come from there" says I. "Whereabouts?" he asks. "You'd maybe not have heard of it, Grosvenor Terrace" I respond" "BLIMEY!!" we both say. It turns out he lives in the house I grew up in as a kid with the Weller painting and it was Dean Powell I was talking too. Not being a boxing fan I didn't know who he was and just thought he was a terrific bloke with a sense of humour and good manners toward other people. He offered me there and then an invite to see my old home and he was so excited to know that back in the 1960s my Uncle was an original London Mod and how he was sort of carrying on the tradition. The last time I saw him was at QUADROPHENIA at the O2 when he met my sister and offered her an invite to and her whole family. He also offered us tickets to the gig as well as he had spares but we of course had our own. Dean was a gent, charming, generous and bloody dapper too. Sad news.  

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