Death - A cool band to check out

Before punk....There was an african american  band called death. 3 brothers from detroit were playing fast garage music. They had an LP out called "For the whole world to see".



I figure Id share this with you all. they sound great.


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  • Just for the record, I highly doubt this band DEATH are nazis. They are 3 African American Brothers.

    Im of American Indian Descent and technically, we had the Swastika as a symbol of Goodness at one time, Till that Bastard Hitler stole it.During WWII, We dropped it from our culture because of the nazis. It sucks that someone can take something from another culture and pervert it. I talked about this with an Elder.

    So yea, Im not one for talking about nazis. They make me physically sick. And I cant help tearing up a bit when I see a Holocaust flick. Its a shame what they did to the Jews.

    • Even Doc Martens, Red suspenders and Oi! got a bad rep as well thanx to them. I just hate nazis. I was attacked by a few out where I live and got knifed. I had to get 36 stitches in my arm over that one. I beat the shit out of them for that. That was in 95.

      I cant see hating someone for their ethnicity or religion. Im cool with just about everybody I meet.

  • Meanwhile, back in Detroit, ca. 1973: I can easily see the Chords do the opening number, the next one might have been done in this exact fashion by the Damned. After that, it get's a bit too proggy for my liking, but still, there's something extraordinary about these failed Soul-Brothers. One of the few crossovers between the two major scenes in Detroit at the time ("The Detroit Wheels", for example, being all white, went the other way).
  • I know a lot of Neofolk bands, and especially Death In June, attracts some unsavory fans, but let'S be fair here: Chris Farlowe collects WWII artifacts and memorabilia, including German items, and he's certainly no Nazi.

    • No need to have a pop at prince Harry Kai ha ha
    • I know Kai, maybe the Saxe Coberg in him coming out ha ha
    • Well, old uniforms did enter hipster fashions from 1966 on in a big way, didn't they? Here's Mr Jones' sarcastic, bitter and twisted take on that, "Untersturmbannführer Schicklgruber's Lonely Hearts Club Band"
    • Another image:
    • Sehr gut! Google translator or do you actually speak German, Motown? Fun fact btw: It's even forbidden to wear a crossed out swastika here in Germany - because you can still see there's a swastika. Didn't stop me from wearing such a button when I was a young Punk, haha!
      But seriously, we shouldn't forget that the mentioned band 'Death' has got nothing to do with 'Death In June'!

    • Fun fact btw: It's even forbidden to wear a crossed out swastika here in Germany - because you can still see there's a swastika.

      That sort of "zero tolerance" thing makes me wonder how well Hindus fare in Germany; there's a significant Hindu community in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I've got an old incense dish with a pretty prominent one stamped into the bottom that I got at a charity shop there.  It's a fairly common decorative symbol in Hindu art (and not to mention all over artefacts of the entire ancient/pre-Christian world).

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