Death of the Mod Dream


Death Of The Mod Dream is the first feature-length movie by Ear Spook productions…based on the 1980 novella "Death Of The Mod Dream" by Edna Barnstaple.  It is set in the year 2079, about a young man out of time who considers himself to be the last Mod on Earth. He lives in the City Of Scotland, a depressed, paranoid, curfew-controlled community with his mother and sister, who all fail to understand each other.

One day this humdrum existence is disrupted when he uncovers what he has been led to believe is a mysterious 'Mod time capsule' buried on the beach. He takes it home, hoping for at best a wallow through a glorious mythical past he never knew. Little does he know the contents of the capsule are not what they seem and his reality is about to be turned upside down...

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Promo video for "Raindrops" by Sabrina Werl/Scott Annal from the soundtrack of Death Of The Mod Dream.

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  • Looks sensational, I will be first in the queue to see that one when it reaches the pictures ha ha.

    • Oh dear,

      Looking at the trailors - possibly the only one.

    • So what do we know about the author (Edna Barnstable)?


    • the description of scotland resembles the truth

  • No, I guess it's from a group of students - probably 'no mods were involved in the making of this film' but it's not too bad - I like the tune.

  • Canny see it winning a Bafta.
This reply was deleted.


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