Delicious Junction shoes??er

I'm considering buying the 'Rudeboy' tassel loafers in oxblood since they look alot like the loakes but are cheaper (70 something squid) yet they're still all made of leather, soles and all. But the question is, is the quality alright? My dad got some of Delicious Junctions 'Upsetter' brouges and he says they're brilliant design wise and colour wise but since he hasn't had them for a long time im wondering how well these shoes last in the long run of things?? Cheers for any responses, they're much appreciated! :D

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  • Ah cheers on the heel, been trying to find that out for ages :D but your right those Shelleys ones where the best looking! But I can't find them, I'm sure I'd find them with a bit more searching but to be honest I'd be more happy with the Delicious Junction's because of the heel of it :)

  • If you'd rather have the Loakes then give these guys a call

    They don't do online ordering but if you call them then they will post out.




    • Thanks for that!! I may consider getting the loakes :D

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    • I was thinking about buying those bowling shoes as well, They look the bee's knees. But, how fast does the sole wear down, the heel in particular? I destroy the heels of shoes and the bowling shoes look like small heels so I don't want to buy them and end up wearing them down in a month :(

    • They're really really nice shoes! :D and thanks I will buy with confidence aafter these good review haha

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    • The Vandellas are amazing shoes! But your right about ordering them offline, its just a shame I've not seen any in a shop :(

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    • Yeah, the Vandellas are beautiful!! Cheers for the help as well :)

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