• Hi guys bought brand new pair of Clark's  dark green desert boots for 30.00 GBP from Clark's own website on EBay ,over the moon with such quality and fit.Next purchase will be a stone coloured Harrington and pair of grey sta go with a nice blue check Ben Sherman bdc which occasionally I prefer to wear with a slim knitted tie.

  • Update on my original question. Pair of Clarks, desert boots dark green in colour arrived today.Ordered from Stuarts of London. Delighted all round and yes i remembered to use a protective spray. Thanks again to all for their advice. Much appreciated ! Nice one !!

    • Good choice Andy. Can't go wrong with the genuine item. Now you have one pair, I'll bet you be looking for your next and then before you know it have half a dozen or more pairs in your wardrobe..

    • You could well be right Steve !!

    • Nice one Andy.

  • I've found both to be true to size.

  • Clarks originals are true to size hope this helps

  • I take it you're buying suede, not leather. Mine have always been true to fit and you must take the advice about protecting them. I didn't once and got caught in rainfall and now they look like they have spots all over them. Also bought some protector wax for a gorgeous pair of brown leather desert boots from a Clarks store in the US. The wax turned them patchy and a much darker colour. Heartbroken!!

    • Yeah will be suede Richard, i'd have been gutted should your misfortune have happened to me re the desert boots. I've seen a protecter i think on Amazon, that looks ok ? Nevertheless i'm always receptive to any advice offered. Thanks again Richard.

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