Mr B and I had a wild, lost weekend in Berlin as part of our Honeymoon....so lost, in fact that I lost our camera and pictures of us and two cool couples we met...

Gutted as had some stunning photographs at The Lido and on the boat trip etc.. but all gone... ( I suspect down to my inability to keep my bag zipped and a spate of U bahn bag dipping? )


So... here's the thing...

Do you know a Glaswegian couple called Graham and Beth Gordon? If so we would love to catch up.. (I have a hazy recollection of Beth taking some nice photographs of us all posing like maniacs on the Saturday night...)



Do you know a Mod originally from Aberdeen, called Graham, now working in London. His girlfriend is a Berliner called Julia who also works in London now?

Julia took some great photographs too...


My theory is, if we can re-connect with these cats, we can get copies of their photographs and I wont feel so bad for losing our camera.... and our memories of Berlin with it.


Hope you can help!





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  • Graham is from the band Figure 5, Top Man!!
    I don't have an email address for him (maybe Paul Molloy does?) but if you send me a PM I can forward his phone number.
  • Good luck to you on your hunt. I know how you feel due to the fact that I currently hold the world record for losing camera's ha ha.
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