Did you suffer for your Modness?

This idea came to me just now as I was reading the latest replies on another thread were people were talking about 'physical accidents' for want of a better expression... This will give you an idea what I mean.As I've said before on another thread, I got my head kicked in by two bouncers in the Apollo at the Jam concert. I was only jumping up & down on a (manky) seat, hardly the crime of the century... One of them grabbed me just at the encore & I got hauled-off to the stairs, one held me & the other punched me a few times. They chucked me out, complete with bloody nose.Another time, I got chased along Argyle st big a gang of punks. Rab Cunningham was there as well as was Jim McInch, Big chris & quite a few others. I manage to escape by running up the street where Tam Shepperd's (the trick & joke shop) is/was.And that time we all got lifted en-masse at the gathering of the clans. JD & Chris C got slapped around by the polis (that big red-hedaed c*nt with the bad acne). When they were taking us up to the cells, I was at the front of the line with a polisman in front of me. A punk in the cell opposite where we stopped poked his head at the serving hatch on the cell door and asked the polis to put me in their cell. He was not alone in there... The polis looked at me & grinned a big dirty smile.I shat myself! (metaphorically-speaking)But to my great relief he said, 'Naw, I cannae dae that'.I could have kissed him! LOL!So, did ye get yer head kicked in at some point in your Mod youth?Falling off & crashing Scooter stories are also very welcome here!

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  • Yes, I remember that your aim was pefectly targetted to hit John McGowan's shoes ha ha.

    No, all kidding aside, If Mrs B is reading this stuff he was not as mad as these stories make out. (aye right) I don't remember your dancing Bobby, but you were as smart as hell dress wise, and your hair was always perfect. How many cans of spray did it take to hold it up like Rod Stewart c. 1964, and hold the points in place ?
    • Didn't the lassies like ye, Bobby?

      Mind you, that's probably not what yer wife wants to read, is it?

      ha ha!
    • I just remember all the fun we had as young guys. Doing the things young people do. Drinking, more drinking, going to the Scene club, Tech college, messing about on scooters, etc.
  • He was certainly nuts Bobby. He was determined to stay in that chippy and play the puggy despite it becoming crowded with Mods, and despite some of the comments, which he must have heard. As I said right enough I was in the street when he came running out.
    I can actually still remember his name, where he came from, and the fact that he kept going on about your points in your hair. He obviously had a hair fixation ha ha.
    Why he picked me out from the three of us to put the spotlight on I don't know. Maybe it was because I was taller than Dan. If it was not for the fact that Roseann was there I may have gave Dan the nod to make a run for it, but we just had to talk our way out of it. Although as I said, it was me that had to do most of the talking.
    • Right lads. Enough of the bad stuff. Do any of you remember any good stuff about me. The missus is reading this and getting the totally wrong impression of me!!!!!! Can you tell her about how good a dancer I was or something ha ha ha ha ha
    • Bobby ,you were a great dancer !!ha ha ha ha
  • There are a few parts to that story that I have never found out the truth to Alex. I do not know for sure why Bobby assaulted the guy and chased him up the street. But I have a funny feeling it was because he was so mad looking. (the guy, not Bobby) The other part that was a mystery at the time, was where did the other two come from and where did the blades come from. But I thought about that and an easy answer is that he went in to a nearby pub and met two pals, who were tooled up. It was pretty frightening stuff at first as we definitley thought they were going to use the chibs. But we were lucky due to the fact that the mad hairdo guy had actually noticed us standing there while he got chased over the road from the Scene. If we were amongst the chasing pack I think our tea would have been out.
    • No way! I remember that guy running from the chippy. He noised me up cos I was a mod and it just went from there. He was being an arsehole. I went to the Scene Club after that. Fuck Chris that was a close one for you. I owe you 20 Benson & Hedges!!
      Mind you, you've given up smoking now so I'll get you a pint the next time I see you!
    • Was the guy not Randy Jackson, and a couple of the 5 ?
      Bobby tried to email you back but the thing stuck , just to say call me tomorrow about that job.
      Also think allthe old squad should get back on the road on scoots , from some good wee local outings.
      By the way just remembered , Bobby has a thing about that chippy on the corner at the Scene Club, that where he slammed a poke of hot chips in that bikers full facer . the 4 bikers then stopped at the lights thinking about having a go ! not quick enough we went a bit OTT ! left a real mess , thats the start of the story about , 4or 5 off the crew ending up banged up for a month or so , not so good. The funny bit was the guy picking chips out his helmet, swearing like f###
    • can't believe you told them where Bobby was though pfft!!!
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